When Frank Goodman, 22, murdered William Nelson, 48, in his room in a Burnage lodging-house, he chose to phone the police four months later and say, “I did it. The Nelson murder. Come and get me,” then promptly vanished.

He next sent the police a coded message alluding to the murder and a plan of the murder room. A few days later he phoned again. This time he was captured.

So why did the elusive Goodman, an unemployed fitter from Radcliffe, kill Nelson? “I met him for the first time in a pub, and I saw his wage packet,” he replied. “I went to his room and struck him eight times with an iron bar.”

That was on April 19th, 1962. On DECEMBER 3rd he pleaded guilty to murder. He was sentenced to life and released 14 years later, early in 1977.