Evelyn McDonald lived with a Bengali seaman named Montez Ullah in Adelaide Street, South Shields, for five years, but on one of his frequent absences at sea she moved in with his cousin Takir Ali, 39. Takir was also a seaman, and when he went on his next voyage he naturally hoped when he came back that Evelyn would be waiting for him. Instead he found that she had gone back to Ullah.

That was in November, 1951, and it triggered a bitter row between Takir and Evelyn. Things quietened down for a couple of weeks, but on NOVEMBER 20th Takir confronted Evelyn after meeting her in a pub and said he wanted her to go home with him. When she refused there was a struggle during which Takir took out a flick knife and stabbed her three times.

At the police station he said, “Well, I am here, do what you like.” He had spent between £500 and £600 on Evelyn, he added, and she had made a fool of him.

He was sentenced to death at Durham Assizes on February 1st, 1952, and despite the local Muslim community’s appeal to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to intervene, he was hanged on March 21st.