At 15 Mary Jane Jones decided she was too young for her 25-year-old boy friend George Thomas, a farm labourer, and told him she no longer wanted to go out with him. But when he pleaded for one last outing together she agreed, and on Sunday, November 19th, 1893, they went for their last walk down a lonely lane on the outskirts of Carmarthen.

There Thomas tried to kiss and fondle her and she pushed him away. At that he forced her on to the ground, pulled back her hair and cut her throat with a razor he had been carrying with him all day.

Thomas went at once to the police. “It was premeditated,” he told them. “I’ll take you to where I’ve left her body.”

He was sentenced to death in January and hanged on Tuesday, February 13th, 1894, in Carmarthen Prison.