“There’s someone on the fairground at Tottenham who knows quite a lot about that unsolved murder in Northamptonshire four years ago,” said the anonymous caller to Scotland Yard. Then he rang off. Since the caller was speaking from the Tottenham area, police were convinced the allegation was accurate.

They swooped on the Tottenham fairground and 80 men were asked to provide fingerprints. But none of them matched anything found in the secluded cottage on the Ashton Wold estate near Oundle where, on Friday, October 24th, 1952, George Peach was found beaten to death and his wife Lillian was found dying of injuries.

George, 64, a gamekeeper on the estate, and Lillian, 67, were liked by everyone in the community and had no known enemies. The hammer which was the murder weapon was found in a garden a few hundred yards away, and Lillian’s empty purse was picked up nearby.