No one should have wanted to murder 32-year-old Dorothy Mills. She worked at West Bromwich Town Hall as a clerk, she didn’t make friends easily, she had no particular boyfriend, and her only interests were the church and the tennis club, where she was a star player. She was an ordinary sort of girl who seemed destined for spinsterhood, and that didn’t worry her a bit.

So those who did know her were startled when on Sunday evening, JANUARY 22nd, 1961, her body was found in outbuildings at the Wesley Hall Tennis Club in Bratt Street. She had been viciously murdered – her skull smashed into 13 pieces.

And they were even more startled when the post-mortem revealed that quiet, self-effacing Dorothy was 13 weeks pregnant.

Convinced that the murderer must be the father of her unborn child, West Bromwich Police made exhaustive inquiries. But not a trace of anyone was revealed; not a clue surfaced to be followed up. And not a clue has been found either in the subsequent 50+ years. To this day the killer of Dorothy Mills has never been found.