James Frederick Stratton, 26, and Daisy Dorothy Mays, 25, both worked for the same firm in London. For six years they regularly went out together, but then Daisy fell in love with another man and Stratton threatened that he would “do her in.”

On FEBRUARY 21st, 1927, he asked her to meet him that evening. She did so, and they took a train from Broad Street to Hackney where they entered an empty compartment of another train. As it moved off they began to argue, and Stratton struck Daisy on the head with an iron last and stabbed her repeatedly. Then when the train stopped at signals, he jumped out onto the track and gave himself up to the engine’s fireman. Daisy was found dying in the compartment, and a post-mortem examination revealed that she had received 24 wounds.

Pleading guilty at his murder trial, James Stratton was sentenced to death and duly hanged.