George Nott, 42, who lived in Bridgeport, Connecticut, had every reason to dislike his milkman, Elwood Wade, 23. For apart from bringing the milk every day, Wade was jumping into bed with Mrs. Nott. As a result, says a report, “he and his rival were antagonistic towards each other.”

So much so that Wade decided in August 1920 that his lover’s husband must be eliminated. With the connivance of Mrs. Ethel Nott, he went to their house, crept upstairs to the attic room where George Nott was still asleep and attacked him with an iron pipe. Nott awoke and grappled with his assailant, but lost his footing and fell down the attic stairs to the second-floor landing.

Wade pounced on him again, and flung him down more stairs to the first floor, where he finished him off with a butcher’s knife. He put the body in a trunk and drove with it to an isolated swamp, where he weighted it with stones and pushed it into quicksand.

He was hanged on Thursday, May 20th, 1920. Mrs. Ethel Nott was sent to prison for 15 years for her part in the plot.