People sometimes want to get married for the strangest reasons. After Edwin Tapley, 25, had fallen head over heels in love with Minnie Jennings, 23, he discovered that she had strings of lovers all over Jersey City and went to bed with a different man almost every week.

Tapley decided the best way to reform her was to propose marriage. Since he was by then paying most of her domestic bills, she didn’t reject him, but she didn’t accept him either. Instead, she prevaricated.

“See if you can find me some new lodgings first,” she said. “I’m tired of this district, and too many guys around here know me too well.” Tapley did as she suggested and paid a month’s advance rent for her on a new apartment, only to discover a few weeks later that she was entertaining men friends there.

Furious, he bought a revolver and shot her twice through the head. The man who perhaps loved too much was hanged on Friday, December 22nd, 1905. Worldwide Hangings from True Crime Library.

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