The bloody statistics of Kenya’s struggle for independence from Britain are impressive. During the conflict 12,000 Mau Mau terrorists were killed by the British Army and the Kenya Police, 1,800 African civilians died, and some 3,000 African police and soldiers were killed by the Mau Mau. Only 32 white settlers, white police and British soldiers were killed by the terrorists.

Between October, 1952, and March, 1958, the British hanged 1,090 Mau Mau. From the British view of it, Dedan Kimathi was the most wanted man. When he was finally caught he was charged with the capital offence of “unlawfully possessing arms and ammunition,” although he had been responsible for hundreds of deaths. He was convicted after a one-day trial on November 26th, 1956 and hanged in Nairobi Prison at 1 a.m. on Monday, February 18th, 1957. Kenya became independent in December, 1963.