In Kent they were known as the Turkey Men because they all wore a red fez. There were five of them, and they were in fact Algerians who came regularly to the county via Dover to sell Oriental carpets.

In June, 1905, they were seen shuffling in single file up Station Road, Ashford, to the town centre, where they laid out their wares. From there they dispersed to various other parts of Kent, and on JUNE 13th the body of one of them, Hadjou Idder, was found in Church Field, a meadow by the church of St. Michael’s at Tenterden.

At first all four men were arrested, but only two, Ben Ali and Salem, the victim’s brother, were charged. Then Ben Ali, 19, confessed to the killing.

He blamed Hadjou Idder for taking too much of the Algerians’ pooled takings, which had led to heated arguments. Idder had threatened him, he said, so he stabbed him and beat him over the head until he was dead.

At Maidstone Assizes on Thursday, July 4th, 1905, Ben Ali was found guilty of his friend’s murder and a week later he was hanged at Maidstone Prison.