Labourer Ernest Pitt, 34, went out on the night of NOVEMBER 8th, 1935, to a funfair in Hay-on-Wye, and got so drunk that police had to caution him. That didn’t have much effect, because he then went on the pub crawl of all pub crawls.

Raving drunk, he broke into a cottage in the little village of Clyro, just outside Hay, and set about the owner, Mrs. Annie Jones, 63. He ripped off her clothes, tried to rape her, then kicked her to death.

The noise was so great that neighbours called the police, who arrived to find Mrs. Jones dead with the drunken Pitt lying next to her.

A doctor at Brecon Assizes told the court that Mrs. Jones’s injuries must have been inflicted by a “madman.” The jury thought so too, and Pitt, found guilty but insane, was sent to Broadmoor, where he died two years later.