Drug baron, “armourer” to the Kray twins, public schoolboy and gambler, Colin Osborne – “Duke” to his underworld friends – went through the whole gamut of criminal life before he was found dead on Hackney Marshes, east London, on Wednesday, December 3rd, 1980.

That same year he had masterminded a scheme to smuggle drugs from Pakistan. Four successful runs were made, netting around £10 million at street prices. The last operation, involving some £2.5 million of cannabis, was monitored by a joint police and customs exercise during which Osborne’s accomplice, Lennie Watkins, shot and killed a customs officer.

Watkins was arrested, jailed for life, and committed suicide in prison. The Duke vanished. Two months later he was dead.

Some say he died of a heart attack, possibly during questioning by his former underworld colleagues. It was thought that his body was kept in a freezer while a decision was made about its disposal.