A medium called in by South African police to help solve the disappearance of 18-year-old Myrna Aken was able to lead investigators to the teenager’s naked body, hidden under a road drain 60 miles away from the place where she had been abducted. She had been shot with a .22 rifle.

Myrna was given a lift by salesman Clarence van Buuren in Durban on October 2nd, 1956, and was never seen alive again. Van Buuren was the prime suspect because witnesses had seen the girl get into his car, but the day after her disappearance he also vanished, albeit temporarily.

When he was finally arrested he told police that he had asked Myrna out, but she refused him. Later he claimed he had parked his car and when he returned to it he found the girl’s naked blood-covered body on the back seat. Panicking, he dumped it.

Police found a .22 rifle and a large amount of ammunition at his home. He was found guilty of murder and hanged in Pretoria Central Prison on Monday, June 10th, 1957, maintaining his innocence to the end.