Was pretty Anne Norman ever unfaithful to her husband? He was convinced she was. He told her mother that he had forgiven Anne for a number of adulterous affairs, but when she started having sex with their landlord that was too much for him to take. So he stabbed her through the heart as she slept at their home in Rylston Road, Fulham, London.

Henry Norman, a 31-year-old painter and decorator, claimed at his trial at the Old Bailey in September 1885 that he had no recollection of committing the crime. The jury rejected a defence of provocation and found him guilty of murder.

Sentencing him to death, the judge said: “I don’t believe your wife was ever unfaithful to you. You became paranoid about her, and allowed your delusional jealousy to take control of your mind.” Norman was hanged on Monday, OCTOBER 5th, 1885, at Newgate.