Members of a Berkshire Rotary Club were hearing some horrific things about one of their most popular members. Paul Beecham, so the rumours said, had killed four times and had spent 16 years in Broadmoor.

The rumours were right. Many years before Beecham moved to Berkshire he had worked with his father Jim Beecham in the family boat-building business in Bredon Road, Tewkesbury. One night, when Jim and his wife Margaret were entertaining Margaret’s parents in their bungalow alongside the boatyard, Paul arrived and shot his father “because I was annoyed with him.”

He shot his mother and grandmother because they wouldn’t stop screaming, and then shot his grandfather because he was the only one left.

Accepting that the defendant suffered from a mental illness, the judge at Gloucester Assizes sent him to Broadmoor.

There Beecham met Rita Riddlesworth, a member of Broadmoor’s League of Friends, and they fell in love. When he was released, the beast inside him finally exorcised, they set up home together in a £250,000 house in Grange Road, Bracknell, 10 miles from Broadmoor.

Beecham become a successful businessman and a Rotarian, but news of his incredible past life began to leak out. On NOVEMBER 12th, 1997, he took a gun and shot himself.

Then people began to ask, where is Rita Riddlesworth? The answer came five days later, when police sniffer dogs found her body buried three feet under the patio of the couple’s home. The beast inside Paul Beecham had never been exorcised after all.