Juliet Wood’s boy friend knew she was a part-time prostitute, but he was nonetheless always jealous of her sleeping with other men and regularly beat her up for it. Juliet, 38, may not have known much about that, because both she and the boy friend, August Carlsen, a 43-year-old Swede, were almost permanently intoxicated.

Carlsen was a sailor and when ashore he lived with Juliet at 24 Myton Street, near Hull docks. In the evening of July 23rd, 1896, he knocked on their landlord’s door and announced: “I’ve just killed Juliet.” She was found dead in bed with her throat cut and Carlsen was very drunk.

He was tried and convicted at York Assizes five months later and hanged on Tuesday, December 22nd, 1896, in what was to be the last execution at York Prison. Both the judge and the jury had recommended mercy because Carlsen was very drunk at the time of the killing, but the Home Office rejected both suggestions. Victorian murder stories from True Crime Library.

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