Without a word of English to help her, Mlle. Claire Meant, 29, left her home in France, travelled to London, took a train from Waterloo, hired a cab to Sunning House in Sunningdale, Ascot, and committed a murder.

Her victim was her French boyfriend, Louis Joubart, 51, who was a servant at Sunning House. When she confronted him on OCTOBER 3rd, 1929, they both got into a taxi, and as far as the cabby understood them asked to be taken to the railway station.

As they approached it, the cabby afterwards told police, five gunshots rang out in the back of the cab. Realising that both his passengers were dead he drove to Bagshot police station.

The evidence at the double inquest four days later clearly showed that Mlle. Meant was madly in love with Joubart, and rightly suspected he was seeing another woman. One witness said he often dated two or three women at the same time.

The jury decided that, inflamed with jealousy, Claire Meant pulled the trigger of the gun she had carried with her from Paris, killing her lover, and that she then killed herself.