On a trip to Jamaica business consultant Timothy Franklin, 43, met sophisticated Tina Strauss and fell head over heels in love with her. He brought her back to North Otterington in Yorkshire but within months their whirlwind romance was all over.

She quickly tired of small village life, and he was fed up with her constant complaints and vicious temper. On JANUARY 28th, 1970, one more threat by her to move back to Jamaica proved more than he could stand.

Goaded beyond endurance, he smashed in her face, crushing her skull, nose, cheekbone, jaw and voice box, and then wrapped a rope around her throat. When she was finally dead he buried her under the wind shelter in his garden.

Franklin told friends that Tina had left him for another man, and then he even flew to Jamaica to send telegrams in her name to her mother and lawyer saying all was fine on her holiday there.

Rumours, though, led detectives to question Franklin, and the date stamps on his passport, coinciding with the dates on the telegrams, told their own story.

At York Assizes on March 3rd, 1971, he tearfully told the court that he was devoted to Tina, that he “loved her, cherished her and cared for her.” He was jailed for life.