She was 20 years old, very beautiful, known only as Ragozinikova, and the last three days of her life were to say the least eventful. On October 28th, 1907, she presented herself at the Central Prison in St. Petersburg and calmly pumped seven bullets into the prison’s tyrannical governor.

She waited to be arrested, and when she was taken to the police station she was found to have dynamite tied to her body in the style of a suicide bomber. Guessing that her aim now was to blow up the police station, the horrified cops hastily backed off, but fortunately the dynamite didn’t detonate.

Ragozinikova was stripped, severely beaten and tortured, but she refused to name any accomplices. Next day she was sentenced to death for the prison governor’s murder, and hanged two days later on Thursday, October 31st, 1907.