True Detective May 2017

True Detective May 2017


Published April 6th, 2017



For the past 15 years condemned British passport holder Linda Carty (right) has been incarcerated on Death Row in Texas for her part in a kidnapping and murder she says she had nothing to do with. Her troubling 2002 conviction, which relied on the testimony of three career criminals – each of whom was promised a lighter sentence for testifying against her – is widely viewed as being unsafe. Yet she was recently denied a retrial and her date with the executioner would seem to be getting closer. Is she innocent? Should she be freed? Turn to page 10 and British Woman On Death Row: “I’m Not Afraid Of Dying” for the full, fascinating story and a chance to make up your own mind.

Italian computer whizz Stefano Brizzi moved to London in 2012 for a high-powered job with an investment bank. But by 2015 his life had become a drug-fuelled mess and he quit. On April 1st last year the gay dating app Grindr brought him into contact with PC Gordon Semple who was attracted by the allure of a BDSM sex and drugs party. Look for Forensics Found Police Officer Dissolving In Acid to read how the tragedy unfolded.

Finally, you know Sweeney Todd. He was the Demon Barber of Fleet Street who supposedly cut his customers’ throats and had them turned into meat pies. It’s a great story, but is there any factual basis for the crimes? Truth Behind The Legend Of Sweeney Todd, provides the answer.

Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

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