True Detective June 2017

True Detective June 2017


Published May 4th, 2017



When her husband drowned while on a luxury holiday in Barbados six years ago, the life of best-selling children’s author Helen Bailey was changed forever. Devastated at her loss, she channelled her grief into a blog that later became a book, documenting her loss and a new relationship she’d begun with a GGHW – Gorgeous Grey-Haired Widower. Helen, so recently devastated by tragedy, appeared to have made a new life. However, her new partner Ian Stewart, in whom she’d placed so much trust and hope, had other ideas.

Australian mother of seven Louisa Collins endured four trials for murder and was judged by 48 male jurors, the majority of whom found her not guilty. Yet she ended up on the gallows in one of the most shameful episodes in the history of Australian justice. At the end of her third trial – which had ended in stalemate – the prosecution insisted on a fourth trial, despite the fact that only one out of the 12 jurymen had considered her guilty. How and why did all this happen?

And don’t miss Love Letters, A Dead Dog, Strychnine…And Murder, the latest in our series on The Memorable Trials Of Norman Birkett. The death certificate had been signed and Arthur Major’s funeral was only a day away when an anonymous letter to the county coroner forced the police to launch an enquiry….

Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

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