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Hanging has been the execution method of choice for murder in far more countries than just the UK. This section focuses on judicial hangings in the 20th century around the world.

Worldwide Hangings: September

September 1st
Abdul Rashid – India
One of the pillars of the British establishment in India detested by the country’s independence fighters was the Peshawar hospital on the north-west frontier. It was here on July 22nd, 1932, that an I... more »

September 3rd
Clifford Hulme – Australia
Farmer Harold Smith was clearing scrub on his farm at West Wubin, Western Australia, when, for no reason that anyone could afterwards think of, his hired hand, Clifford Hulme, 29, crept up behind him ... more »

September 4th
Willibald Bendinger – Austria
Austria’s law enforcement authorities didn’t lose a moment when they decided to hang Willibald Bendinger. On Tuesday, September 4th, 1934, he was taken to the scaffold in Vienna’s Central Prison and h... more »

September 5th
Carl Panzram – USA
“In my lifetime I have murdered 21 human beings, I have committed thousands of burglaries, robberies, larcenies, arsons and, last but not least, I have committed sodomy on more than a thousand male hu... more »

September 5th
Elizabeth Khambule and 16 other persons – South Africa
In a single day, Tuesday, September 5th, 1961, 17 “non-whites” were hanged in Pretoria Prison. Included among them was Elizabeth Khambule, hanged with two accomplices for the murder of a white woman i... more »

September 6th
Joseph Pfitzner – Czech Republic
The first war criminal hanged in the Czech Republic after the Second World War was judged by a five-man people’s court tribunal, four of whom were survivors of Nazi concentration camps. They sentenced... more »

September 9th
Nine persons – South Africa
The year 1987 saw more executions in South Africa than any other year in the 20th century – a total of 164, and all but nine of these were black. On Wednesday, September 9th that year Pretoria Prison ... more »

September 10th
Abdul Mohammed – India
Some Indian extremists were prepared to use any means to damage British rule in India – even, as in the case of Abdul Mohammed, to the extent of enlisting as a spy for Japan in the Second World War. ... more »

September 11th
Leo Hall – USA
A burglar who set out to raid a house got his timing all wrong – when he arrived there he found a party in full swing. Leo Hall, 34, an ex-prize fighter and dockyard worker, enlisted the aid of Peggy... more »

September 12th
Dmitry Bogrov – Russia
Few prime ministers in history were more hated than Peter Strolypin, premier of Russia in the Tsarist years between 1906 and 1911. In 1906 he set up summary court-martials to try his opponents and had... more »

September 13th
Macario Sakay and Lucio de Vega – Philippines
At the beginning of the 20th century the long Philippine-American war was just about over, having cost an estimated half a million lives. American annexation of the Philippines was complete – to the s... more »

September 13th
Amon Goeth – Poland
Half a century after he was hanged, Viennese-born Amon Goeth became an internationally known figure through his portrayal by Ralph Fiennes in the movie Schindler’s List. An SS-Hauptsturmführer, he was... more »

September 14th
Eruera Te Rongapatahi – New Zealand
“I’m off to do some hunting tomorrow,” Eruera Te Rongapatahi told friends as he prepared to leave their house late in the evening on Sunday, May 31st, 1953. Thinking he was a bit drunk, they ordered a... more »

September 15th
Graham Jenkinson and three others – Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia)
The first white man hanged in Rhodesia since that country declared itself independent from Britain in 1965, Graham Jenkinson, 20, was sentenced to death for the murder of Martha Dean, an American trai... more »

September 16th
Omar al-Mukhtar – Libya
Italy declared war on Libya, part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, in September 1911, on the pretext that Turkey wasn’t sufficiently protecting her own subjects. Many Libyans, however, refused to accept... more »

September 17th
Maria Lee – South Africa
Men filled the colourful life of 49-year-old Maria Lee, but like so many women who kill she hated them deep down. She had been married four times and thrice divorced when she was sacked for theft in 1... more »

September 17th
Adnan Menderes – Turkey
There are some prime ministers that some of us might like to have seen on the scaffold, but in Turkey they turned that aspiration into reality when they hanged prime minister Adnan Menderes on Sunday,... more »

September 19th
Warren Walters – USA
“Where’s your whiskey, Warren?” shouted Tom Kersey as he hammered on the door of Warren Walters’ home in Hazlehurst, Georgia. Kersey hadn’t come for a drink – he was the town marshal searching for ill... more »

September 20th
Four civilians – Iraq
The final ignominy for any prison governor must surely be to be hanged in his own prison. That’s what happened on September 20th, 1959, when Abdul Ayub, former governor of Baghdad Central Prison, was ... more »

September 20th
Joseph Labriola – USA
John Buglio didn’t want his brother-in-law, dancing master Joseph Labriola, to accompany his wife, Mrs. Buglio, to a square dance in Minnesota. Buglio couldn’t go himself because he was physically han... more »

September 21st
Three EOKA terrorists – Cyprus
Told by their lawyers that their appeals had been rejected by the Privy Council in London, three terrorists of EOKA, the group campaigning for independence for Cyprus, said almost in unison: “We are h... more »

September 22nd
Ernest Austin – Australia
Standing on the gallows in Boggo Road Prison, Brisbane, on Monday, September 22nd, 1913, Ernest Austin declared: “I say straight out that I highly deserve this punishment. I ask you all to forgive me.... more »

September 23rd
Nikola Petkov – Bulgaria
There wasn’t much future in being a democrat when the communists were about to seize power, as Nikola Petkov was to discover. He was the last significant opposition leader to the communist takeover in... more »

September 23rd
Johannes van Damme – Singapore
Two Dutch business people arrested in Singapore in 1991 for drug offences suffered remarkably different fates. First, Maria Krol-Hmelak was arrested in her hotel room after the police found 4 lb of he... more »

September 26th
Marko Hranilovic and Matja Soldin – Croatia
Croatian newspaper editor Anthony Schlegal was a supporter of the idea of a unified Yugoslavia in 1931, a time when many Croatians were campaigning across the region for their own independent state. T... more »

September 26th
David Bennett – Australia
Those who knew David Bennett were certain he would end up on the gallows, and on Monday, September 26th, 1932, that’s exactly what happened. His criminal career began when he was sentenced to life in ... more »

September 27th
Antonin and Vaclav Slanicek – Czech Republic
At the instigation of their mother, two Czech brothers, Antonin and Vaclav Slanicek, together with their younger brother Emil, set about beating their father Josef with an axe while he was lying in be... more »

September 30th
Carl Wanderer – USA
Hearing someone break into his home in Chicago, Carl Wanderer, a First World War hero who had been awarded a number of medals for gallantry, decided to “have a go.” But in the ensuing affray the intru... more »

September 30th
Samuel Mahahe and Stephen Nare – Zimbabwe
Although capital punishment was frequently used in the old state of Rhodesia for murder and “political” crimes, it was thought that it would be abandoned when black rule emerged and the country was re... more »

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