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Gone But Not Forgotten: They say there's no such thing as the perfect murder, but practically every day of the year someone is killed and their killer remains at large. This section of the archive is dedicated to the victims of the UK's unsolved murders of the 20th century...

Gone But Not Forgotten: January

January 2nd
Margaret Schofield – Dewsbury
A bitterly cold, dark January night. A store manager, weary from a day and half a night of year-end stocktaking, locks the door of his shop and trudges off home in the swirling mist. He takes a short ... more »

January 2nd
Dr. Angelo Zemenides – London
Dr. Zemenides was a Cypriot teacher who decided to become a marriage broker. He accepted a £10 fee from fellow-Cypriot Theodosios Petrou to find Petrou a bride with a £200 dowry. But when no bride was... more »

January 2nd
Frederick Priddle – Southall
It had been a great party and Frederick Priddle, 34, was in high spirits when he walked his girl friend home after it. They kissed good night on her doorstep, then he walked home to his own lodgings i... more »

January 2nd
Benji Stanley – Manchester
Did Benji Stanley die because he was wearing a red bandana? He was a Manchester United supporter – but red was also the colour of one of the rival Moss Side factions. Benji, 14 years old and 6ft 1in ... more »

January 5th
John Brown – Harrow
More than 60 people are killed by burglars every year in the UK – a statistic glassed-over by politicians who play down burglary as a dangerous crime. John Brown was one such victim. He surprised at l... more »

January 5th
Mary Kriek – Colchester
A 19-year-old au pair from Holland, Mary Kriek’s sojourn in England lasted less than a month before her body was found in a ditch near Colchester. She disappeared on Sunday evening, January 5th, 1958,... more »

January 6th
Evelyn Foster – Otterburn
Burned almost beyond recognition, Evelyn Foster whispered from her hospital bed: “I gave a lift in my car to a man who was smartly dressed, wore a bowler hat and had a Tyneside accent. He wanted to go... more »

January 7th
George Black – Bristol
The man who robbed the small Lloyds Bank branch at Broad Walk, Bristol, on Friday, January 7th, 1949, and killed the manager, George Black, was nothing if not a cool customer. He seemed to want to dra... more »

January 8th
William Howe – Worthing
When police were called to the Victoria Road, Worthing, flat of retired vet William Howe on Monday, January 8th, 1990, they found his body face down on the floor, legs and arms tightly bound with elec... more »

January 9th
William Starchfield – London
It’s the split-second incident that someone recalls, sometimes long afterwards, that often unlocks a mystery. A signalman at Camden Town, London, remembered that as a train shuttled past his box at 2.... more »

January 9th
Anthony Gardner – Manchester
Drugs, gang warfare, seedy drinking dens, or “shebans” – these were the building blocks that formed the life of 26-year-old Anthony “Scratch” Gardner on Manchester’s notorious Moss Side of the 1980s. ... more »

January 10th
Nellie Clarke – Birkenhead
“Will you just go down to Mrs. Johnson’s shop with a message?” Mrs. Jean Carr asked her 11-year-old daughter Nellie. It was the worst request of her life. Nellie, who lived with her mother and stepfa... more »

January 10th
Elizabeth Thomas – Laugharne
He couldn’t speak. He couldn’t hear. He could neither read nor write. If that wasn’t enough, George Roberts, 46, was in deep trouble. He was on a murder charge. His misfortunes began when on the fogg... more »

January 12th
Florence Shore – Hastings-bound train
A nurse, like her famous kinswoman whose name she bore, Florence Nightingale Shore was attacked in a London to Hastings train on Monday, January 12th, 1920, while on her way to stay with friends at St... more »

January 16th
Linda Smith – Earls Colne
Under cover of a dark and bitterly cold night of Friday January 20th, 1961, a man parked his car in a lane in Polstead Heath, Suffolk, carried the body of a little girl across a field for about 20 yar... more »

January 16th
Harriet Buxton – London
Artists and artisans jostled together in Chelsea’s popular Cross Keys pub and as much as for the beer they were there to chat up the landlady Harriet Buxton. Separated from her husband, Harriet wore h... more »

January 18th
Pamela Coventry – Hornchurch
The butt of a hand-rolled cigarette was found lying on the dead body of nine-year-old Pamela Coventry, dumped in a ditch near Hornchurch, Essex. Experts quickly identified the tobacco and the cigarett... more »

January 18th
Penelope Mogano – Coventry
“I represent an electrical wiring company,” the caller said. “I wonder if you have thought about having an expert examine the wiring in your house?” It was a come-on line, and not many in the Radford... more »

January 18th
James Campbell – Glasgow
Seeing three or four men breaking into a shop in Great Eastern Road (now Tollcross Road) Glasgow, on the night of Saturday, January 18th, 1919, PC James Campbell did not hesitate. He immediately grabb... more »

January 19th
Lynda Farrow – Woodford Green
The man who killed pregnant mother of two Linda Farrow on Sunday, January 19th, 1975, did it horrifically. He stabbed her repeatedly, then knelt on her back to severe her head with a deliberate sawing... more »

January 20th
Reuben Mort – Bolton
The media trumpeted in 1920 that “a string of shocking murders is plaguing the country.” Newspapers particularly remarked on murders committed by burglars. Things haven’t changed. Amid the clamour on... more »

January 20th
John Bianchi – Newcastle
A murder that made no sense at all happened on Sunday evening, January 20th, 1919, when John Bianchi, 18, was accompanying his cousin to her work at a nearby hospital in the Biggs Main area of Newcast... more »

January 22nd
Ernest Melville – Swansea
Detective Inspector Reginald Spooner of Scotland Yard was depressed about the lack of progress in his murder inquiry. “It’s one of the worst jobs I’ve had,” he wrote to his wife from the crime scene i... more »

January 24th
Stacey Queripel – Bracknell
A pathologist’s report concluded that schoolgirl Stacey Queripel, seven, was strangled by her own necklace when she became entangled in bushes. Her body was found in woods near her home in Bracknell, ... more »

January 25th
Elizabeth Ridgeley – Hitchin
The victim lay in a bloodied heap. There were lacerated wounds on the back of her head and face, abrasions on her back and arms, and there was some evidence that she had been dragged along by her hair... more »

January 25th
Joseph Hoare and Laura Sara – Redruth
Her easy virtue and his sexual freelancing was the common factor which brought together cattle dealer Joseph Hoare and his “housekeeper” Laura Sara, a divorced mother of six children. Those in the nei... more »

January 25th
Eva Booth – Plymouth
It was a puzzling case, declared the coroner, when he was told that the body of Mrs. Eva Booth, had been found in a cupboard at her home in Venn Way, Hartley, Plymouth. “Perhaps it was an accident. Pe... more »

January 27th
Mary Pelham – Portsmouth
Slums often have the nicest names, so don’t be beguiled by Blossom Alley, described by a detective in the 1920s as Portsmouth’s worst residential street. Here in the blood-soaked bed of a tenement bui... more »

January 27th
Sylvia Styles – Brentford
The man who strangled factory worker Sylvia Styles, 26, of Beech Avenue, Brentford, used his left hand only. When her body was found on Tuesday, January 27th, 1948, she was fully-clothed, one glove st... more »

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