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Gone But Not Forgotten: They say there's no such thing as the perfect murder, but practically every day of the year someone is killed and their killer remains at large. This section of the archive is dedicated to the victims of the UK's unsolved murders of the 20th century...

Gone But Not Forgotten: March

Murders in the UK:
Kim Roberts – London
It’s hard in our cosy age to think of a bright, pretty little girl being abducted, raped and strangled, her body thrown into a ditch, and her killer never being brought to justice. That’s what happen... more »

Murders in the UK:
Freda Knowles – London
On the very same day that little Kim Roberts was murdered an unknown killer burst into the Darwin Road, Newington, south-east London, home of Mrs. Freda Knowles, 67, tortured her, raped her vaginally ... more »

Murders in the UK:
Kay O’Connor – Colchester
As a result of national strike activity, the government put Britain’s workers on a three-day week in 1974, which was why 37-year-old Mrs. Kay O’Connor was home from work on Friday, March 1st. That, an... more »

Murders in the UK:
Henry Warner – Leeds
He was small, chubby-faced, wore a pince-nez and looked like everyone’s friendly grandad. At 77 he was still repairing briefcases and other kinds of leatherwear in his Wellington Street, Leeds, shop. ... more »

Murders in the UK:
Francis Drake – London
Sometimes you get a murder that is completely without motive. So it was when 87-year-old Francis Drake answered a knock on the door of his flat in Warwick Avenue, Paddington, west London. A “tall man”... more »

Murders in the UK:
Frederick Lee – London
There were four employees of Hebe Sports Ltd. in the lift as it rose up from the ground floor at the company’s Islington, north London, headquarters – two workmen and two accountants who had been to t... more »

Murders in the UK:
Richard Hart – London
The notorious 1960s killing in the Blind Beggar pub in Mile End Road was said to have been perpetrated in revenge for the murder three days earlier of Dicky Hart, a minor associate of the Kray twins. ... more »

Murders in the UK:
Christopher Laverick – Hull
A relative who was looking after little Christopher Laverick slipped out to buy some crisps for the boy. While she was away a TV set disappeared from the house – and so too did Christopher. The hunt... more »

Murders in the UK:
George Mitchell – London
Just as he was returning to his hotel late at night on Monday, March 10th, 1947, a woman’s cry for help prompted George Mitchell, a Merthyr Tydfil surveyor and engineer visiting London on business, to... more »

Murders in the UK:
Susan Long – Aylsham
A relaxing evening at a Norwich disco, then the 10.25 p.m. bus back home to Aylsham, Norfolk – this was how Susan Long, 18, spent the last few hours of her life on Thursday, March 10th, 1970. Unbeknow... more »

Murders in the UK:
Ahmet Abdullah – London
Drug dealer Ahmet Abdullah, known as Turkish Abbi, quarrelled with powerful south-east London interests and was shot and wounded in the William Hill betting shop in Bagshot Street, Walworth, on Monday... more »

Murders in the UK:
Katherine Peck – London
A 45-year-old prostitute known as Carbolic Kate was the victim of another Walworth murder on Tuesday, March 12th, 1929 – a murder that was to echo down the years until 1937 when, some might say, a lin... more »

Murders in the UK:
Kathleen Higgins – London
Prostitutes appear to enjoy colourful nicknames in their locale. For Carbolic Kate, now read Irish Kit, the name by which Kathleen Higgins was known. She was 77 but still, amazingly, an active prostit... more »

Murders in the UK:
Winifred East – London
Several passengers saw a man board an Eltham to Kidbrooke train in south-east London on Thursday, March 13th, 1929. Several of them, too, suddenly heard a piercing scream coming from one of the compar... more »

Murders in the UK:
Caroline Jones – London
When neighbours in Brondesbury Villas, Kilburn, north London, alerted police that they hadn’t seen Mrs. Caroline Jones, a 55-year-old widow living at No. 21, for some time, the police broke into her f... more »

Murders in the UK:
Oswald Walker – Hull
It must be galling for the police to have a vital clue about a murder suspect and yet to have him slip through their fingers. Such surely happened in the case of elderly Oswald Walker, who owned a too... more »

Murders in the UK:
Thelma Schwarz – London
“We are not getting the support from the public that we would like,” announced Detective Superintendent J. N. Black during investigations into the murder of Mrs. Thelma Schwarz, 55, found beaten and s... more »

Murders in the UK:
Susan Emberton – Croydon
A bloodstained police truncheon found beside the body of Susan Emberton, 56, was not the weapon that killed her, but was probably used by her to defend herself against burglars. She kept house for Ell... more »

Murders in the UK:
John Dawson – Bashall Eaves
Walking home from an evening’s drinking at the Edisford Bridge Hotel on a dark, bitterly cold night, bachelor farmer John Dawson, 46, felt a light tap on his back, then heard a distinct click above th... more »

Murders in the UK:
Mary Comins – Scarborough
“Mum,” announced 10-year-old Tommy Johnson. “We’ve been playing down at the old disused bus garage. We saw a lady lying in the inspection pit.” Not surprisingly, perhaps, Mrs. Johnson laughed away th... more »

Murders in the UK:
Maud Miller – London
Unemployed Irishman James O’Shaughnessy had already robbed the local tobacconist’s twice. Now he admitted stealing there a third time and, while doing so, threatening the shopkeeper, Mrs. Maud Miller,... more »

Murders in the UK:
Joseph Swaine – Skipton
Farmer Joseph Swaine, 62, lay all afternoon and the following night, seriously injured and slowly bleeding to death in a toilet cubicle. His false teeth had fallen to the floor under the door and not ... more »

Murders in the UK:
Deborah Linsley – Petts Wood
Travelling on a train, an 18-year-old French au pair who heard a woman screaming in another compartment instinctively froze. “I thought it was a woman being raped but I was in fear of my life,” she sa... more »

Murders in the UK:
Mabel Hossey – London
The murder of London shopgirl Mrs. Mabel Hossey belongs to the dark ages. Told she would have to quit her job because she was three months pregnant, and desperately needing to work, she descended into... more »

Murders in the UK:
Tracey Illman – London
Carol McDonald said she gave her boy friend Bruce Santus an ultimatum – to choose between her and Tracey Illman, the mother of his four-month-old son. Carol went with him to the bedsit in London’s Old... more »

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